Navajo Code Talkers: The Last Of The Living WWII Heroes Share Their Stories

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Arizona Republic published on August 29, 2019 an article about the Navajo Code Talkers that starts of with ... "In 1942, during the depths of World War II, the United States Marine Corps recruited 29 Navajo men to develop an unbreakable code that would be used across the Pacific during the war ... [MORE] "

Additional information:

D-Day 70 Years Later - June 6, 1944


Here are some excellent D-Day references and news stories that we have found to be terrific:

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DOD LIVE - "WWII Veteran Returns to the Field of Battle"

Very interesting video from DOD LIVE on YouTube entitled: "WWII Veteran Returns to the Field of Battle." (Published on Jan 7, 2013)

The summary:

Cdr. Gerard Woelkers didn't grow up as a military brat, but he is the son of a World War II veteran. By taking orders to Germany, Woelkers is taking the opportunity to learn about his father's service and helping Frederick Woelkers close the book on this chapter in his life.