Poor Marlins - Baseball's Great Divide

The recent ESPN magazine noted that the 2006 payroll for the Marlins baseball team was $15 million. There are 12 major league players that make more in one year then the Marlins complete payroll.  They are:

  1. Alex Rodriquez, Yankees, $25.7 million
  2. Derek Jeter, Yankees, $20.6 million
  3. Jason Giambi, Yankees, $20.4 million
  4. Barry Bonds, Giants $20.0 million
  5. Jeff Bagwell, Astros, $19.4 million
  6. Mike Mussina, Yankees, $19.0 million
  7. Manny Ramirez, Red Sox, $18.3 million
  8. Todd Helton, Rockies, $16.6 million
  9. Andy Pettitte, Astros, $16.4 million
  10. Magglio Ordonez, Tigers, $16.2 million
  11. Randy Johnson, Yankees, $15.7 milion
  12. Chan Ho Park, Padres, $15.3 million

"Johnny Ether's Great Escape" By Changelings - Make Me Into A Movie?

I was catching up on some podcast listening today on my run, and as I was rounding the bend to come up the "hill" before the finish and my friend Dave Slusher with his Evil Genius Chroniles podcast for 03-04-06 came on.

His first song was a jem - Changelings' Johnny Ether's Great Escape.  It made the end of the run very easy.

And as I was listening I was envisioning this great "movie" segment that this song could be the foundation for.  I was thinking a kinda Sam Fisher - Splinter Cell meets Jack Bauer of 24.  And then when the song was done, Dave did the same thing in his own way.

Very cool ...

RocketBoom on CSI

RocketBoom was used in last night's CSI Las Vegas.  A search for a "term" was done on Go0gle, which returned a bunch of links, and one of those links was a reference to a RocketBoom newsreport.  The person doing the searching clicked on the link and then the "report" was given by Amanda. It was very neat to see the integration of "Internet Video News" and great publicity for RocketBoom.

Mobile Video Casting System

From Homeland Defense Journal, Nov. 2006, page 8:

The Frontline Communicator is a completely wireless end-to-end solution. The system consists of a headset camera and a miniaturized transmitter. The video images captured by the camera, and the voice of its wearer, are transmitted in real-time to another party's computer. This user-friendly software interface ensures a dynamic and interactive communication. Its highly effective algorithms make audio and video communication possible even when bandwidth is limited.

The Frontline Communicator is compatible with numerous modes of wireless communication including Wi-fi (802.11b), high-speed cellular (30 kbps) and Bluetooth.

Today's Podcast Attention Report

What if there was an easy way to aggregate information like my podcast consumption for today:

Across 1000s of like minded people.  A mixture of private and public data collected and distributed in an open-source fashion. And it also tracked other media: DVD, video, TV, web surfing, books, events, etc.   

If it was honest, trustworthy, & transparent, I am pretty sure the current survey and marketing companies would probably not be happy.

Amish TV Show

I did watch the new UPN show "Amish in the City" - it was pretty interesting. Our family has vacationed in Northern Indian where there is a good number of Amish communities, and that peaked my interest to read the book "History of the Amish" a couple of years back.

The "Amish Kids" on the show defintiely seem more down to earth than the "City Kids."

The Amish are an interesting group of people from a social, polictical, and spirtual standpoint. The one thing that really struck me though will watching the show when they visited the Pacific Ocean/beach was the sense that if they don't travel much that the miss a lot of God's beauty like at the beach or Redwood forests or National Parks.