Bad Day - Looking Stupid - Revelations

Not a good day for Michael Moore/ Soros/Hollywood Liberals/Etc.

John Zogby looks pretty bad, as does exit polling in general. Here is one of the lame questions that parently didn't get answers.

Robert Scoble picks up on the left leaning of the main technology blogs which I totally agree are left leaning in general, as are most of the popular audioblogs at the moment.

Dan Gilmor does an accurate job of articulating the beginnings of how the Left is going to respond to the Bush victory.

Current Election Thoughts ...

It is looking pretty good for President Bush ... especially with the popular vote going to Bush. I guess technically a 269 to 269 Electorial College tie could still take place, but then the House would vote on that for Bush.

It also looks very good for the Congress so we should be able to keep the Supreme Court from tilting to the Left too much as I expect there will be a lot of changes over the next four years for the Supreme Court.

A friend of a friend send me this "Are We Winning Yet Picture?" with Joe Hagan, Karl Rove, and Steve Hadley all on their BlackBerrys.

Doc Searls has some very agreeable things to say about the election and the road ahead. He is right-on that technologists (either R's or D's or L's or I's) need to be involved in politics. I have found that most politicians are extremely technology challenged and they need our input.

For my friends who are on the losing end -- polictics is emotional and mental warfare. And when you lose it doesn't feel that good. But at least you are in the game and doing your best.

Jon Stewart on Crossfire

This is relatively old news, but John Stewart's video on Crossfire is worth watching: Also here is a Google News search on the topic.

I totally agree with his opinion that mainstream media has dropped the ball in holding politicians in general accountable.

No matter if you are conservative or liberal or moderate, what he says resonates with people who take their political convictions seriously and are active in trying to effect change.

Podcast Politics

I haven't been discussing much personal or political or faith stuff in my podcasts. But the more and more that I listen to, the more I find the podcasters I am tuning into have a liberal bent.

Nothing wrong with that, but as a conservative one must have a thick skin while listening.

The value added though of most of these podcasts far outweigh not listening to them because of the occasional over "Vote for John Kerry" sound bite.

Zogby - Bush 48% to Kerry 44%

Times Online has an article about some new Zogby poll numbers showing President Bush leading nationally 48% to Senator Kerry's 44%. Before the last debate, Zogby had them both tied 45% each. Margin of error is 2.9%.

Also I think before the last debate Kerry was ahead on Electoral Vote Predictor, but now it shows Bush 257 & Kerry 243 because Iowa and Florida are now considered tied. You need 270 to become President.

Politics of Iraq - Terrorism

My reaction to Dan Gilmore's New York Times link "How the White House Embraced Disputed Arms Intelligence" is so much different. There is usually always at least two sides to every decision, and ultimately one of them is picked. The article does little to shed much light on to the opposing view because "they" are already convinced there is a conspiracy and tell the truth isn't part of "their" agenda.

Some additional interesting info I came across in my post search after the above article: Rumsfeld Statement; Saddam Possessed WMD, Had Extensive Terror Ties; and Teresa Heinz Kerry is speaking in public again (Washington Times).