"Johnny Ether's Great Escape" By Changelings - Make Me Into A Movie?

I was catching up on some podcast listening today on my run, and as I was rounding the bend to come up the "hill" before the finish and my friend Dave Slusher with his Evil Genius Chroniles podcast for 03-04-06 came on.

His first song was a jem - Changelings' Johnny Ether's Great Escape.  It made the end of the run very easy.

And as I was listening I was envisioning this great "movie" segment that this song could be the foundation for.  I was thinking a kinda Sam Fisher - Splinter Cell meets Jack Bauer of 24.  And then when the song was done, Dave did the same thing in his own way.

Very cool ...

Sidetrack - Actor to DVD Ratio Kinda Interesting

We got the latest Movies Unlimited catalog in the mail yesterday.  It was interesting to me (and probably no one else?!?) how they organize DVDs available by actors, directors, and actressess.  And the shear number that some people have associated with them is definitely a tribute to their career. 

Here is a run down of some of the "leaders" from the prespective of how many DVDs were highlighted for them by the catalog (definitely not scientific, and not all exclusive to everything they have done)*:

  • 57 = John Wayne
  • 41 = Clint Eastwood
  • 29 = Cary Grant, Alfred Hitchcock & Elvis Presley
  • 20 = Burt Lancaster
  • 19 = James "Jimmy" Stewart
  • 18 = Bob Hope & Humphrey Bogart
  • 17 = Mel Gibson, Gregory Peck, & Paul Newman
  • 16 = Steven Spielberg
  • 15 = Steve McQueen, William Holden, Henry Fonda, & Harrison Ford
  • 14 = Marilyn Monroe & Katharine Hepburn
  • 12 = Goldie Hawn & Bette Davis
  • 11 = Audrey Hepburn
  • 10 = Elizabeth Taylor & Judy Garland

* Note: I stopped listing "men" who didn't have 15 DVDs associated with them. Some were very close and included names like: Kurt Russell, Steven Seagal, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charles Bronson,Sean Connery, Tom Hanks, Woody Allen, Burt Reynolds, Jerry Lewis, Frank Carpa, Michael Douglas, Tom Cruise, Anthony Hopkins, Johnny Depp, Dennis Quaid, Keanu Reeves, Kevin Costner, Robert De Niro, Michael Caine, Robert Redford, Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Mitchum, Sidney Poitier, Marlon Brando, Charlton Heston, Stephen King, Gene Kelly, Bing Crosby, and Fred Astaire.

DIY Recording Room For Podcasting (Quicktime)

Here is the Quicktime version of the DIY recording room video I created with extra stuff I had available around the house.  Still in a work in progress but moving along better than I expected.

On the topic of QuickTime ... I captured this in iMovie then did an output for iPod Video ... this is different then the one I did with the kids painting on the kitchen table.  The details: MPEG-4 (m4v), 16.8-MBs, 128-kbps bit rate, H.264 format, 29.97 fps, and normal size of 320 x 213 pixels.


There is also a Windows Media format version linked to in a post with more information here.

Tech Mashup - OPML, Gnomdex, Lost Stuff, External Display, Uptime

 Some things worth checking out if you were me and find things that I like interesting:

  • The Mindjet Labs has just released a new Mindjet MindManager Pro 6 OPML Editor
  • Video from Gnomdex 5 release by Mr. Pirillo.
  • loc8tor looks like a compelling new product for those of you that lose things. [MobileWhack]
  • Engadget finds a solution called Pertelian’s External LCD Display to one of previous blog posts on small information screens.
  • The network is up 99.999% but the VPN is 98% up ... that matters right? [ensight.org]

Forbes Yahoo Arctile on Do It Yourself (DIY) Media Doesn't Mention Podcasts

The recent edition of Forbes for 28Nov05 came yesterday, and there was an very interesting article by Quentin Hardy called "Intertaining Yourself: Entertainment on the Internet flopped years ago. Yahoo says it has a better: Do It Yourself (DIY)."

The article has a lot of good "new media" thoughts that were echoed a great deal at the recent Portable Media Expo, but the one thing that I thought was very interesting was the term "podcast" was not used once in the article. 

The article mentions "users" creating "social media" like video and audio but the actual word podcast wasn't used.

Making a Kid Friendly Version of Star Wars Episode III

There are a couple of scences in Star Wars Episode III that I'd like to just pass over so that Conrad and I can watch without seeing something that a 6 year old shouldn't see (death of the small Jedi's in training and part of the last light saber battle).

You can't make a tape copy of the DVD that I purchased ... there is some sort of copy protection.  I guess I could try to get a video editable version on my PC or iBook, and then just "cut" the parts out I don't want, and then burn a new DVD?

I noticed something in the Sunday paper called Sima GoDVD Video Duplicator Adapter that is suppose to let you make backup copies.  As anyone tried this?

Today's Podcast Attention Report

What if there was an easy way to aggregate information like my podcast consumption for today:

Across 1000s of like minded people.  A mixture of private and public data collected and distributed in an open-source fashion. And it also tracked other media: DVD, video, TV, web surfing, books, events, etc.   

If it was honest, trustworthy, & transparent, I am pretty sure the current survey and marketing companies would probably not be happy.