Someone Has Been Busy? 100+ New HP Products

It is either very busy ... or hording ... or a strange marketing concept to find a low point in tech news and then blast stuff out, but ExtremeTech is reporting that HP recently announced 100+ new products for the home and office marketplace. 

Let's see if that was a podcast where you talked no more than one minute on each item it would be more than an hour and a half long. Or you could do one podcast a day focused on one new HP item, and have content for the next three months.  Of course when you got near the end of the run, the stuff you had to talk about would be end of life.

How Transparent Are Your Business & Personal Links??

Michael Geoghegan recently pointed out that Tim Bourquin has an update to the 'Wired article issue last November with Tim's Portable Media Expo and Adam Curry's Podshow.' 

It is interesting that the author of that Wired article - Steve Friess - is now doing a podcast for Podshow, and that Adam Curry has a comment on Tim's blog post.  Tim makes a great point in response to Adam's comment that this is a "slippery slope."

My transparency statement on the topic is this: I am definitely a huge fan Michael's Reel Reviews podcast, and Tim's Podcast Brothers podcast.  And I think that the Portable Media Expo is an awesome idea, and I do have a submission for a speaker position for the 2006 show called Audacity 101 (not confirmed for the show though). We were also, along with Tim's brother Emile, the first members of the Orange County Podcasters.

Jersey Boys Podcast In Wall Street Journal

I just blogged a mini-link fest that included a link to an article on Wall Street Journal Online about Al Pacino doing a podcast, and when I went to read the article it turns out my Jersey Boys Podcast is mentioned in the third paragraph!  WOW! :-)

After checking my email, I also got a notification from Jersey Boys Broadway about the link also. Very cool!

Digital Picture Frames vs. PSP

I've always wanted digital photo/picture frames to become more mainstream.  It seemed so logical to me.

It looks like prices are really dropping and they aren't requiring those silly subscription service models. Here is a summary of some ads I saw in the Sunday paper:

  • Linens-N-Things: $99.99 with a 5.6" LCD screen, works with digital media cards (#NV-560, LNT.COM, #18976001)
  • Best Buy: Westinghouse 8" LCD Screen for $229.99
  • Ritz Camera: PhotoShare 7" LCD; supports Mac&PC downloads or memory card for $99.99
  • Ritz Camera: 7" Digital Photo Frame with MP3 player (built-in speakers, earphone jack, video output, plus remote control) for $199.99.  Also supports media cards like: SD, MMC, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Microdrive, and CF Memory
  • 8" Memoryvue Digital Photo Frame for $199.99 (after rebates).  Supports CF, SD, MMC, and Memory Stick cards.  Also plays MP3s.

An alternative should be noted that if you are going to spend ~$200, you might want to pick up a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). They are now selling for $199.99.  It seems to be the biggest bang for $200 out there.

Poor Marlins - Baseball's Great Divide

The recent ESPN magazine noted that the 2006 payroll for the Marlins baseball team was $15 million. There are 12 major league players that make more in one year then the Marlins complete payroll.  They are:

  1. Alex Rodriquez, Yankees, $25.7 million
  2. Derek Jeter, Yankees, $20.6 million
  3. Jason Giambi, Yankees, $20.4 million
  4. Barry Bonds, Giants $20.0 million
  5. Jeff Bagwell, Astros, $19.4 million
  6. Mike Mussina, Yankees, $19.0 million
  7. Manny Ramirez, Red Sox, $18.3 million
  8. Todd Helton, Rockies, $16.6 million
  9. Andy Pettitte, Astros, $16.4 million
  10. Magglio Ordonez, Tigers, $16.2 million
  11. Randy Johnson, Yankees, $15.7 milion
  12. Chan Ho Park, Padres, $15.3 million

Engadget Podcast Gets Mainstream Advertiser

I noticed that a recent edition of Engadget Podcast was sponsored by a "car oil" company.   Bad for me for not remembering the name, but defintiely a more mainstream advertiser than the tech specific one I'd expect.

I guess the ads are probably being sold through the AOL Network so it might not be a targetted thing at all.

UPDATE (4/1/06): Ryan Block made a comment on the site to this post that their sponsor is Castrol.  And that they have had other major sponsors like Best Buy and Nikon.  I should have mentioned (sorry my mistake) the other two sponsors because it is true, and it also might have made it seem like this was Engadget's first big deal.  It is not.  They have definitely been a leader in drawing in podcast sponsorship.