MindManager for the Mac

I have been very excited about finally getting to blog about beta testing MindManager for the Mac.  Today is the day that Mindjet announced the product.

One of the best pieces of news, is that this was one of the best beta testing experiences that I've had.  I rarely had any issues, and from what I could tell all the issues that people had were addressed.  Feedback to me felt two-way vice one-way.

As a heavy Windows user of MindManager, having the tool on the Mac has been very helpful.  It has given me some great tools for managing my personal to do lists, and for brainstorming podcasting ideas, and I've also done some experiments using MindManager vice OmniOutliner for podcast show notes during recording.

Some other things that I quickly want to toss out:

  • Moving files back and forth between Windows and the Macintosh is a great feature for people who use both platforms.
  • The Mac version feels "simpler" and "easier" to get thoughts captured without a lot of the Windows and Office integration capabilities found in the Windows version of MindManager.

I still think that using MindManager like tools with a TabletPC is significantly more productive in brain storming sessions or in taking notes, but having just the keyboard and mouse with MindManager for the Mac has been very useful over the last couple of weeks during the beta period.

Lastly, Mindjet did a great thing in giving away to Beta Testers a free copy of MindManager for the Macintosh.  Thanks!

IRC Client for Mac OS X

My Mac OS X instant messaging (IM) client is Adium ... it is a pretty good replacement of Trillian on Windows.  But I just learned it does not do IRC.

So I turned to my Friends In Tech and found the following recommendations:

I am trying out the Colloquy one right now.  It seems to be just the right thing for me.

Also Kreg pointed me to this great resource: opensourcemac.org.