Friends In Tech - "A Geek Christmas Carol"

FYI ... from Tech News Radio:

On the heels of the "Server Room of Horrors," coming December 18th, Friends in Tech will be presenting our Christmas special, "A Geek Christmas Carol" -- A revisit of the old tale of Scrooge and his ghostly visitors, but... with a tech twist (mp3 promo).

Kevin Devin reports, "Recording has completed and assembly has begun.  Be sure to check it out by subscribing today (RSS Feed) in preparation for its release.  We had a lot of fun with all FiT members and some family members participating, as well as some special guests from the podcast community.  You won't want to miss it. :-) Happy Holidays!"

Update on Bill Watterson @ Calvin and Hobbes

CNN - "Where's 'Calvin and Hobbes' creator [Bill Watterson]? - Maybe someday, officials will put up a statue marking this quaint village as the birthplace of Calvin and Hobbes."

The above is  a good article.  I just had a conversation about where was Bill Watterson, and the new Calvin and Hobbes book at Sunday School this past Sunday. Everyone was in agreement that they loved the strips and were very sad that new ones weren't being produced.

Calvin and Hobbes is still and probably always will be one of my favorite cartoons.