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January 2024

Cal Newport's Five Books Read This Month List


I am a big fan of Cal Newport's Deep Life podcast.

One of his monthly goals is to read at least five books, which he then covers in his podcast.

Fellow podcast fan Bram Adams ([email protected]) has created a database of all Cal has read here: Cal’s Five Books of the Month.

Bram's site also makes fantastic use of Notion.

Thanks, Bram!!

Podcast Series Recommendation >> Agent of Betrayal: The Double Life of Robert Hanssen


I recently enjoyed the podcast series Agent of Betrayal: The Double Life of Robert Hanssen.

It was well-produced, researched, and sourced.

Although I thought I knew a great deal about Robert Hanssen (Wikipedia), this podcast provided a bunch of new information I was unaware of.

You can listen via:

I also recommend these podcasts from the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC: