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You can find out what I'm up to in near real-time via: Twitter (@sholden) Instagram (@sholden), or Facebook (sholden). I also recommend checking out my produced sites: Chvrches Fan Podcast (@chvrchespodcast), ThePodCraft Beer Show (@thepodcraft, @techguysteve, Untapped, @techguysteven); Tech News Radio (@technewsradio), Air Gapped Networks (@airgapnet), Jersey Boys Podcast, and Veteran Stories. [Updated: May 9, 2021]


Chris Bieber

Hey Steve,
surfing on a Sat night while wife is working..found you here...

am not computer person like you evidently are...have followed you on FB but havent replied..sorry.

Havent seen ya since Ians wedding...egad

Am on net most of the day(yahoo at [email protected] and FB under my name)
so one of these days give send me something and maybe we could chat.

Am(for 2.5 yrs) in Lake Elsinore...not often out of it...except for job interviews..ugh...just ended 8 mo gig back in OC at DeptHomSec wClearance??!!?! so now looking..ugh..

Say hi to anyone in SD that might remember me..

Take care

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