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Notes From Manager Tools M Conference 2019

M-Conference-GraphicHere are my PDF notes from the Manager Tools M Conference held in Dallas, TX from October 9-10, 2019.

I think the notes speak for themselves.  This was an amazingly effective use of my time.

I will be getting a return on investment throughout the rest of my professional career, and then probably even more once I retire.

If you are interested in attending in 2020 then Manager Tools wants to hear from you!

I didn't take enough photos, but here are what I got via Google Photos.


Gary Slinger

Jealous you made it (I had a long-standing conflict) - but glad that one of the hardcore original members did. Thanks for sharing.


Steve Holden

Gray ... Sorry you weren't there. I was hoping folks from the early days were able to attend. It was definitely a great event with high ROI. I hope the notes provide some value.

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