Traveling from San Diego to Frankfurt, Germany
Experiencing Bad Pyrmont, Germany

Traveling from Frankfurt to Bad Pyrmont, Germany

Germany-train1So we landed pretty much on time in Frankfurt, and we figured out a quicker way through customs/immigration then waiting in the longer line.  It helps to be aware of where lines start and when people bunch up without realizing the multiple queues.

Once we were through customs we made our way to the train area.

I ended up buying our tickets from Frankfurt's central train station to Bad Pyrmont via Hamburg on my phone using the German Train App (Bahn), but then we had a couple of minutes of stress trying to buy our train tickets from the airport to the central train station.

It worked out but we probably paid too much. Thankfully it all worked out. Because nothing is worse than buying tickets for a trip from another station you are not currently at!

The Bahn app turned out to be pretty useful while we were in Germany, and I would recommend using it if you are traveling by train in Germany or from Germany to another country in Europe.

The trip from Frankfurt to Hamburg was good.  And the the trip from Hamburg to Bad Pyrmont didn't have any issues.  It was wonderful to see the Germany countryside during both trips. 

Another tip from this part of our trip in Germany is that that we learned both in Frankfurt and Hamburg is that restrooms will charge for use but in the end it is worth it.  Hard to overcome at first but definitely a good thing from our perspective -- very clean!

Another tip is to purchase reserved seats if the option is available.

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