Traveling from Bad Pyrmont, Germany to Brussels, Belgium
Traveling from Ottignies, Belgium to Normandy, France (via Paris)

Experiencing Belgium (2019)

DSC00145-COLLAGEWe arrived in Brussels in the afternoon of Tuesday, June 11.  We met up with our "Belgium Family" near the main train station and did a walking tour of downtown central Brussels.

We had dinner at Houtsiplou. It was very good and everyone got something that they enjoyed.  We also knocked out some Belgium Waffles for desert.

The next day (June 12) we visited the Tin Tin Museum, and did a quick trip to Waterloo.

The best part though was hanging with our "Belgium Family", sharing meals, and doing life with them for a couple of days in Ottignies.

Some other thoughts about these couple of days:

  • We did make it to a good Belgium chocolate store and bought a sizable amount of gifts for folks that Carson brought home from Paris.
  • The Tin Tin Museum was really cool.  We all really enjoyed it. The price includes an audio tour with a ton of extra information.
  • Driving through the countryside to Waterloo was nice.  The price to go into Waterloo to see the museum and walk the grounds was too much for us to agree to.  We seemed to get a good sense of the history by leafing through some books in the gift shop.
  • The train system in Belgium (at least in the Brussels area we were in) was accessible and easy to use.  The kiosks had an excellent set of English instructions.



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