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My New iPad Review

There are a lot of reviews on the new 3rd generation iPad.  Here are some of my thoughts after 48+ hours of use:

  • The screen is amazing. The Retina-display is probably worth the upgrade all on its own. One thing that is very noticeable is that iPhone 2x applications are much clearer and crisp than on the iPad 2. 
  • The dictation software with iOS 5.1 for iPad is surprisingly good. I have used it a bunch of times vice typing for both emails and web searches.  It has been 99% accurate for me.
  • The camera is a great upgrade from the iPad 2.  I used the camera a lot with the iPad 2 and was pretty disappointed with the quality.  This was one area that I wanted to see some improvement in.  I'm pretty happy with the ~20 pictures I've taken so far (inside & outside).  I do need to play more with it, but for now I'm very satisfied.


A couple of other things to mention:

  • Upgrading from the iPad 2 to the new iPad was pretty successful.  One issue I've had pretty consistently is that you do need to delete all network settings after an upgrade to get the iPad to work consistently on my Wi-Fi network.  I had this problem going from the original iPad to the iPad 2 last year, and again this year when I upgraded my son's iPad to my old iPad 2.
  • It is also kinda interesting that some applications move over with no new user/password logon issues but then others require re-entry of user name/password.  I guess re-entry is probably better from a security perspective, but it does slow you down if you are using a bunch of complex passwords like I am across many different services/applications.

Bottom line: As someone who has used the original iPad (16-GB, Wi-Fi) , and then the iPad 2 (16-GB, Wi-Fi), I definitely think that the new iPad (16-GB, Wi-Fi) is an excellent upgrade for me. I'm very happy with the purchase. 


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