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Increase in Tablet & eBook Print Advertising?!?


I noticed this morning in the Sunday Union-Tribune (5/1/2011) what seemed to me to be an increased number of  tablet and ebook advertisements:

  • Best Buy: Kindle with Special Offers ($114); Acer Iconia Tab A500 ($450); NOOKColor ($350)
  • Office Depot: ViewSonic 10.1" Tablet ($300)
  • Staples: Dell Steak 7 ($400); BlackBerry PlayBook ($499); Motorola Xoom ($600); Amazon Kindle ($189 plus $25 gift card); NOOKColor ($249)
  • Target: Kindle with Special Offers ($114)

I do think both the Kindle and the Nook are great ebook readers based on what I've heard from others about them.  I am still very happy with the new Apple iPad 2, so I don't think I'd seriously consider any of the other tablets at this time.  And since I like my iPad 2 for reading books, adding an ebook reader to my technology toolkit probably won't happen.

My usuage pattern for the iPad 2 are still pretty much the same since I purchase the original iPad: ebooks/PDF reading, email, web browsing, personal GTD, casual gaming, and consuming podcasts/music/video.  

Are you using a tablet?  If so, which one, and what are you using it for?


books for ipad

I use my ipad for reading my books,better then kindle.


Still on the iPad 1. You seem to have similar usage pattern to me. So how does the iPad 2 measure up with the iPad 1?

Steve Holden

I like the camera a lot more than I thought. I use it a great deal to capture pictures in the moment since I don't have a camera on my phone. It does help to carry the iPad with you everywhere which is pretty much what I do.


I have an Ipad 2, and im really happy for it. But because I never had the Ipad 1, I cant say if its better.

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