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My GTD Weekly Review Dashboard

Picture 1 There was a recent tweet on Twitter #GTD from Emily Wilska (@OrganizedLifeSF) asking for a "status report" template that one might fill out after completing a David Allen GTD Weekly Review

While I don't have a status report template, I do have a personal Weekly Review dashboard hosted up on Google Docs.

Here is a link to my GTD Weekly Review Dashboard Google Doc spreadsheet that I created. [NOTE: Conditional coloring of fields & fonts may not transfer if you export to Excel or other spreadsheets.]

The basic idea is to track when you do the individual items of a review by placing the date in "Last Completed" column. The spreadsheet will then make a calculation based on today's date, and give you a GREEN, YELLOW, or RED status.  Most of the items are on a weekly (7 day) schedule, but some of them are on a monthly (30 day) schedule.  Here are some links for more information on how to implement conditional coloring of fields for Excel, Numbers, and Google Docs.  Feel free to customize to your own needs.

I started using this dashboard last summer when things were really getting out of hand at work.  I was finding my timing for reviewing Weekly Review items to be sporadic with some items being reviewed several times a day to some slipping a couple of weeks or even a month between reviews.  To keep sane, I adopted this dashboard for Weekly reviews (which I look at everyday) and also David Allen's My World Mindmap (which will be a post for another day). 

The key for me is knowing what I am doing and not doing, otherwise I turn into a crazy maker.

(7/15/2012) - Updated to fix broken link to Google docs.



Steve, that's a nice way to get organized about reviews.

I used to do things like this with spreedsheet, but finally got tired of it and created a web app for it.

You may want to check out, a very nicely built web app designed for tracking goals and todo lists, and supports time tracking too. It's clear, focused, easy to navigate, worth a try.

Steve Holden

Thanks for the comment ... I'll checkout the site you recommended.


It will help me a lot with one of my main GTD problems.

It would be great if you submitted it to Google Docs as a template.

Steve Holden

Jose ... Thanks for the compliment. The file is linked above to public Google Docs template:

Let me know if that doesn't work for you.



I can't copy or edit from that link.
I have uploaded a slightly modified version to Google Docs Templates:


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I've been looking for a GTD template to use with Google Docs this might just help.Thanks


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Thanks for this post, and thank you also for the added link to the template. Always on the search for new ways to use google docs and more GTD templates. :)


The link to the Google Docs spreadsheet opens up without the usual Google Docs menu (no File, Edit, View, etc), it's not editable, and it's very unclear how to save a copy that is usable/editable. Could this be due to a permission limitation, or perhaps an incompatibility with how Google Docs has evolved over time? I realize this is several years old now, but would appreciate if you have any insight.

Steve Holden

Kragh -- I updated the link to (

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