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Some Music Podcast Recommendations - Interviews, Blues, Rock, Classical, Electronic

I have a pretty wide set of musical tastes that includes more than just the Jersey Boys, and Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.

There were recently several interesting music related podcasts from San Diego's KPBS These Days:

When I'm in the mood for the blues I always turn to The Roadhouse podcast.

When I'm in the mood for classical music, I find WGBH Classical Performance Podcast to be great.  I also find the classical feed on CBC Radio 2 to be a nice streaming option.

The Magnatune "great pianist" podcast is very good if you want something 'lite' playing in the background.

The Alternative Classix Podcast is a well produced and researched 80s 'new wave' radio show you will not be disappointed with.

For those that like electronica and/or techno ... I highly recommend:

If you want something more mellow but still pretty electronic then check out the Ultima Thule Ambient Music podcast.

I also enjoy the Coverville podcast and the Rock'N'Roll Geek podcast.


Mad Marv

FWIW, I like: George Smyth likes a wide swath across the music spectrum, but he crafts a show around one particular artist or group at a time., although I gotta say it's because Zack's voice is so amusing., I love Matthew Ebel's music, but this show is about other music artists. What I like most about this show is his robot sidekick characters. The same robots that are featured in his Goodbye Planet Earth album. They're hilarious.


Steve Holden

Marv ... Thanks for the recommendations. I checked them out and really liked the I just added it to iTunes!


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