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Custom Etched Money Clip From Kyle Designs

LightHouseMoneyClip One of my favorite 2008 Christmas presents is a Kyle Designs money clip that Christy got me. 

The design used was the Lighthouse (#45) with a silver finish and a silver aluminum background.

I am really impressed with the quality of the work, cost effectiveness, timeliness of the delivery, and the large number of options offered by Kyle Designs

I have to highly recommend them.



Thank you for providing me a link to the personalized money clips from kyle designs. Personalized gifts are great.

Phil Cressman

I have never seen this kind of detail on a money clip. I have concentrated on the FUNCTION but now have to consider artistic possibilities.

Steve Holden

Your clips are very functional. I'd like to see what additional design work you can do with them. The price is good at $20.

Custom Logo Design

yea that's is really great,
Happy christmas

Custom Money Clips

High quality customized jewelry at reasonable prices is hard to find. Thanks for sharing!

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