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Old School Netbook - HP TC1100

The GDGT Podcast #3 with Ryan Block and Peter Rojas finally got around to talking about "netbooks" after teasing us in Podcast #1 and Podcast #2.  It was a great discussion, and they asked for recommendations from listeners on what they would recommend.

My recommendation based on some recent research would be the MSI Wind.  A lot of what I have been able to gather comes from a variety of blogs and gadget sites, but is heavily based on comments/research/analysis made by Kevin Toffel at jkOnTheRun's Mobile Tech Roundup podcast.  The MSI Wind seems like the right mix of features vs. cost -- the biggest bang for your buck.

That being said, for the last couple of years I've been using a Hewlett-Packard (HP) TC1100 as my "netbook" or "Internet tablet" around the house and on family vacations. It continues to fit  many of my needs, and still has a great run down of features:

  • pen interface
  • Windows XP SP2 the Tablet Extensions
  • support for tablet and standard laptop form factors
  • pretty good keyboard if needed (I don't use it that often)
  • 802.11a/b/g WiFi
  • two USB ports
  • 1024 x 768 ( XGA )10" LCD screen
  • Bluetooth
  • 3.5mm headset-microphone jack (great for SKYPE)
  • full PC Card slot (like for EVDO)
  • ~2 hours of battery life [with 2 backups available]
  • SD card slot
  • modem (actually useful if you need to send a fax)
  • 10/100 Ethernet port

What I use it for:

  • browsing (IE, Firefox, Chrome, WebKit, Flock, Safri)
  • cloud applications (Google Docs, Gmail, Evernote, Newsgator)
  • iTunes 'news' podcasts (Fox, CNN, NYTimes, WSJ, CNET, Stratfor, CBS Radio, InfoWorld, CNET, NPR)
  • social networking (Twitter, FriendFeed, Meebo)
  • communications (SKYPE, Gizmo, Thunderbird)

If you go the route of trying to find an TC1100, I would definitely recommend the version with an Intel Pentium M chip, and get as much RAM as possible.  Mine has 1.5-GBs.

Any other options for an old school netbook?


HP was always short for Hewlett-Packard Company all company branding was strictly Hewlett-Packard Company not HP. As I drive home down Page Mill Rd the sign on the grass says ‘hp” not Hewlett-Packard Company.

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bought the laptop on March from a BestBuy and it broke on April. The video screen got corrupted/jumbled and didn't work anymore. I sent it back to HP, through BestBuy since HP has a 1 year warranty on it. When in line at BestBuy to send it back, I found out there were 2 other people waiting in line to send their HP Laptops (the same model I had) for the exact same problem!
HP sent it back and refused to fix it because they said the machine was "dirty". How can "dirty" be a deal-breaker?!!! I had the laptop in a normal desk setup, it didn't get any more dirty than anything else around it. Saying they won't fix something because it's "dirty" gives them card-blanch to refuse service on ANYTHING! Basically their warranties mean NOTHING!!! Don't buy from this company - they make faulty equipment that they refuse to service for any reason or no reason at all.

HP's latest personal workstation series, the xw6400, is aimed at mid-range business users and, housed in a new mini-tower case, it's ideal where desk space is at a premium yet a system with plenty of grunt is still required.
It looks quite smart in its grey and metallic silver finish and, measuring just 441 x 165 x 440mm, the case has been designed to fit in a rack as well as on or under a desk, and its tool-free design should delight most IT managers.
With such a small case, compromises have to be made and in this instance one compromise is the number of drives you can fit into the xw6400. As standard there are two internal 3.5-inch drive bays plus a third with external access, while there are just two 5.25-inch bays.
Our review sample came with both internal drive bays filled by 500GB Seagate hard drives, to give a terabyte of internal storage, so there is an argument to say that should be sufficient; but if not, HP offers 750GB drives as an alternative. An LG, 16x, Lightscribe, multi-format DVD burner filled one of the two larger bays.

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The LP2475w also sports an extremely flexible design allowing you to pivot, rotate and adjust the height of the screen.

I think this review of net book will help people in making decisions that which net book should they buy. As this describe in detail about the features and the specs this computer has.

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HP has a good collection too but my Dell Latitude D600 is working great and in the mean time I am not in a mood to switch. But still thanks for the review.

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