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Open Source Project Management Links To Research

I was about 30 minutes down a rabbit trail that was derailing my David Allen's Getting Weekly Review when I ran into this article that I pulled out of Global Services Media back in March 2006, and since this relates to a #1 crisis currently at work I came over to my computer to type in the URLs into my task list. 

Then I thought, since I'm already chasing rabbits, lets make a blog post.

Some open source tools for project management to check out:

There are probably now a ton of other options. If you have suggestions, then let me know.

But now is the time for the end of this rabbit trail ...



Also check out Trac:

Steve Holden

John ... you are right Trac does look like a good recommendation for tracking items related to software development. I like the demo they put together also. Thanks! Steve

Miguel Queiros

wikipedia has a nice page listing project management tools, both desktop and web based applications, open source or proprietary.
check it out at

Steve Holden

Miguel -- Thanks for the great link! Steve

Thomas in GA

Do any of these applications have a mobile-browser (Blackberry, iPhone, Android) interface to change ticket status, reassign tickets, etc? I am never at a desktop computer when I need to handle trouble reports and file them in the right place for later handling, and I'm sure the same is true of everyone else these days.

An email-based interface that can close, follow up on, recategorize, reprioritize, etc would be eminently useful as well.

Why doesn't anyone ever put these two features on their lists of features? They are the most important features nowadays! I need to know who has them! Someone PLEASE tell me!

Steve Holden

I don't know of any. That is a good feature to add though. I'll keep a look out.

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