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Sorry - I Remove Tag Cloud Widget

I just wanted folks who read this site via a web browser to know that I recently removed a JavaScript from

I installed the widget because it was suppose to create a tag cloud which is something I find intellectually very interesting from a knowledge management perspective.

The thing I didn't know was that it was actively tagging the content in the posts and articles.  Ugh!  Sorry about that.  I personally can not stand that sort of function, and I'm very sorry if I've ticked anyone off by adding it.

Tracking What You Eat - Lose What You Want

In the blog world, there have been a lot of posts recently from folks like Jason Calacanis on their weight loss successes and recommendations.

I have some similar experience that I'd like to share. Even with all the exercise I do, I still have to monitor my overall calorie intake and expenditures if I want to maintain what I consider a healthy weight. 

The idea I've been following to maintain my weight is by taking in no more calories in a week then I use up. 

In this system, if you want to loose weight then you must have a deficit of calories.  The higher the deficit the more weight one can lose.  It is my experience that you can achieve deficits by eating healthy portions of the right types of food and exercise.

The tool I have been using to do this is Diet Organizer for Windows.   It helps with tracking meals, the calorie counts, statistics, and logging.  The interface is pretty straight forward and simple, but it does have some great power features like creating template meals or reoccurring food choices.  The data entry process  has been streamlined as much as possible to make it fast and easy.

I have used this twice over the last couple of years to lose 10-15 pounds.  The most recent time was last spring when my weight went up to 189.  I was able to get down to 176 in less than 10 weeks eating healthy foods in quantities that made better sense. 

Since then I've been using it periodically to track a week at a time to make sure I am still in the approximately zero calorie gain after a week. I have been within plus or minus 3 pounds of 176 since mid-summer so it does help in re-syncing with good eating habits if you follow your overall calorie intake and expenditure.

One clarification, I really only used this tool to focus on overall calories and trying to maintain the recommendation weight/calorie balance  from Diet Organizer based on my body size and age.  You can also dig in deeper with the software to measure types of fats, sugars, and other items.  Each person is different, but I think this tool is flexible enough to support many different types of scenarios.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or other suggestions.

Recommendation - Mobile Project Pouch Containers

David Allen (author of Getting Things Done) recently introduced some new mobile pouches for collecting and organizing 'stuff.'  The are in orange (so they can't be missed) and are called "Getting Zip Pouch."

I've been using an alternative from The Container Store called "Zippered Vinyl & Mesh Pouches."  I usually carry two in my backpack - one to track my Getting System File Folders, and the other to capture and store reference material.  I really like that they are semi-clear and you can see what is inside them.

I have to highly recommend them as an alternative.  They also seem to be lower in price, and you can probably pick them up at your local store.