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TabletPC Thoughts #1 - Upgrade from Toshiba M400 to ThinkPad X61

I am about 30 days into my complete migration from the my old TabletPC the Toshiba M400 to the ThinkPad X61.  Thanks to Marc Orchant and James Kendrick for their early suggestions on some migration questions I had.

The big changes include Vista Ultimate, Office 2007, OneNote 2007, Visio 2007, and Project 2007.  I also have only been adding applications as I need them, this included: Firefox, ClipMate, Newsgator, PDF-X Change Lite 3, IBM SameTime, and MindManager Pro 7.

Things I like about this new setup:

  • Form factor - smaller and easier to pickup and move
  • Performance - much faster processor and other internals
  • Screen - very good even outside
  • Sleep/Hibernate - this is extremely fast and works every time without errors
  • ThinkVantage utilities - well thought out functionality wise and useful
  • Battery performance - easily double from the M400
  • Keyboard - there is something special about the ThinkPad keyboard

Things I'm still getting use to:

  • Smudges on the X61 screen - you have to clean it a lot
  • Differences between Windows XP and Vista when you want to do a power user task (like TCP/IP configs or change wireless networks)
  • Missing the trackpad
  • Not having an integrated DVD/CD (haven't needed it but it makes me a little nervous)

All in all I am really enjoying the X61, Vista Start Menu Search (it works very well!), and Office 2007 especially Outlook & OneNote integration.

Only real downside at the moment is that my organization has not yet completely figured out how to enable VPN access.  The problem is an integration issue between: Vista, Cisco, and DOD CAC PKI.  Hopefully it will get resolved soon and then everything will be working great.


Used Refurbished Laptops

We found the Tecra R10 comfortable to use while on your lap, although one slight niggle is that the keyboard is offset slightly to one side by a thin strip holding the power switch and two buttons for Toshiba Assist and presentation mode, instead of positioned centrally. The keyboard is otherwise comfortable for typing on, with full-sized keys, except for the function keys and arrow (cursor) keys.

Used Refurbished Laptops

Toshiba ships the Tecra R10 with Windows Vista Business as standard, and this operating system comes with its own performance measurement tool, the Windows Experience Index. Under this, the Tecra achieved a score of 3.8, but this was pegged back by the system's low score for 3D gaming graphics due to the integrated functions in its Intel chipset. For each of memory, graphics and hard disk performance, the Tecra scored over 5, where 5.9 is the maximum.

Refurbished Gaming Laptops

Tablet PCs are fine but they don't offer that ultimate gaming experience that a gaming laptops can offer that's why even if you have to go for refurbished gaming laptops it is not a bad deal as in Tablet PCs there are issues with the laptop video cards.

Laptop Video Cards

ThinkPad X61 seems to be a nice tablet PC but I am not sure about the gaming experience it can offer.

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