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Some Reasons I'm Not Getting An iPod Touch

I had an interesting conversation yesterday at lunch with some co-workers, one of which has an iPhone, on why I was not getting an iPod Touch:

  1. Lack of key hardware features: Bluetooth, external volume control, speaker, physical iPod control buttons, & camera.
  2. Currently missing some key applications: Mail, Notes, Maps, SMS, & Widgets
  3. Minimal capability as PDA-like productivity tool (read-only calendar for instance)

The real deal breaker was that I could not use the iPod Touch as a mini-data collection tool.  If it had Bluetooth portable keyboard support so I could use it to rapidly collected data I read from print media, then I would have probably lived with the other negatives and purchased one.

I do think that the items #2 and #3 will be solved in the future by software upgrades.

That is my deal breaker.  What is yours?


Kreg Steppe

Me, I am getting one. I played with one tonight and I am sold. I like the easy ability to get podcast/video/pictures on it. Apps will come...however not there now.

What you are describing though...get a nokia N800. Worth every penny. Speakers, Bluetooth for KB..etc, small and portable.


My deal breaker is that Apple makes it! LOL

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