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Book Reviews: Dead Sea Scrolls, Google, Freemasonry

I finished reading several potentially interesting books during our recent family vacation trip to Vashon Island, WA:

I really have to recommend the Fields book on the Dead Sea Scrolls.  It is very well documented and historically interesting - plus it has some great pictures.  Part of the Dead Sea Scrolls are on display in San Diego (through December 2007) which is the main reason I picked up the book.

The Google book is also recommended for those interested in technology, Internet history, and business & organizational ideas.  I personally only had a minor understanding of the history, technologies, and personalities related to Google so I found this book very interesting.

The Freemasonry book was entertaining but nothing spectacular.  I enjoyed it because my father and his father were Masons, and I learned a lot about what they probably went through.  The background history was interesting and I enjoyed the humor of the author.



Ron Wulkan

"The Gook Lover" is a pro-Japanese, pro-Asian, but anti-Imperial Japan novel. It is the story of a young Japanese officer, from the Rape of Nanking to Japan's economic miracle when he is eventually acclaimed as the "Henry Ford of modern Japan." Then a casual glance in a Manhattan book store window changes his life and possibly, that of Japan's future.

Good news: It's a gripping story w/ quality trade paperback printing.
Not-so-good-news: I'm the publisher-author.

I'll have review copies in five or six weeks for a November release date.
May I send you a review copy?

Sarah Epstein

I'm not sure what your perspective is on religion, ethics and museum exhibits, but for background on Weston Fields and what he represents in scrolls research, see the articles of Charles Gadda on the Nowpublic site (

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