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Another Interest Architectural Dual-Use Space Idea

There was an interesting article in the Sunday San Diego Union-Tribune about a company called GarageTown USA  that is offering a different type of storage space in some parts of the United States. 

First up, these are 'condo' units that you purchase to own.  They also include: climate control, better security, posh customization options, and community clubhouses. 

A couple of other companies in Florida are offering something similar with a heavy focus on vehicles: Park Place Car Condo and DreamCar Carriage House.

It sounds like a nice place to setup a 'group' audio/video production area.



Hello, I work for garagetown and I have thought myself about setting up an a/v studio or turning it into an entertainment area myself. Many of our owners have very different uses and I wouldn't be suprised if someone has started to create a great environment for their projects. If you'd like more info you can visit the website at

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