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Internet Radio / Streaming Issues

I haven't been following this story very closely but I just read this article at CNN because it had a picture of Rusty Hodge (Grove Salad) who does which I do enjoy from time from time.

It looks like some changes in the royalty business and regulatory oversight that makes doing future Internet radio/streaming very difficult. 

From a technical standpoint I think this is going to bleed over to podcasting, since a lot of listeners are effectively streaming from website links.

More info from the Pandora Blog also on this topic, that links to some resources to help fight these changes.


Kreg Steppe

Yea, but this is for if you stream, and play RIAA music. They think that Internet Radio doesn't sell cds like Radio does and that is what they want money for. I ain't paying them anything, and it is high time Internet Radio focuses on Promoting artists NOT on the RIAA payroll.

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