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Windows Vista Status - Two Installs Completed

If you have spoken to me in person over the last two weeks or so, I probably mentioned I'm on my second Windows Vista install. 

My first work install was a Toshiba M4 Tablet PC that also had RC1 and then died with RC2 (long story), but is now working pretty well with Vista Ultimate edition.  My only real issue is the strange way video out works and how to control it.  Things seem much better after downloading all the Vista drivers from Toshiba.  This system also is running Office 2007, but it is not my primary system so I've only been doing light work on it. So, other than launching all the new applications, that is all I've done.

I have ordered a new SATA laptop drive for my primary laptop system for work (a Toshiba M400 Tablet PC), and I'll be upgrading that soon now that I know more about issues to expect based on experience.

My second update is my custom home desktop PC.  It is going a long fine without too many issues.  These have both been clean installs with new hard drives, no upgrading in place.  So, most issues are pretty straight forward to solve with latest software or drivers.

I really like some of the new performance monitoring features in Vista (how-to) but I did have some trouble finding were the TCP/IP configuration options got moved to.  I do not have Aero Glass at home (the NVIDIA Quadro NVS 285 is not powerful enough I guess), but the Toshiba M4 does have it.

Questions?!?  I'll keep the blog updated on anything new.  BTW ... I did notice that Dann Sheridan recently did an upgrade from Windows XP to Vista Business.


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