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Do You Twitter? Do You Care?

A large number of podcasters that I listen to have been talking a lot about Twitter

When I first looked at it, I didn't really get it. 

But I think a recent TWIT mentioned that it was kinda like a casual blog which peaked my interest ... somewhere in-between a blog post and a non-blog post. 

It definitely could be used for keeping people in your close circle of online friends updated on what you are doing, where you are at, etc.  Kinda like your IM setting for your status but with more details and updates.

Anyway ... I'm 'sholden' on Twitter if you care.  I'll be trying it out for a couple of days or so for sure. If you want an invite I can send you one.  Drop me an email: [email protected].


Mike McBride

Interesting, I posted a similar thing on my blog a couple of days ago. My feelings have been similar on Twitter, but I wanted to try it before I really blew it off, so I am trying it. :)

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