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A recent Kevin Devin's In The Trenches podcast discussed the following email I sent in to him and George Starcher on the topic of EVDO wireless routers:

Here is some background if you want to chat about it (sorry I would send in some audio comments but I can't get any recording done today) ...  I have both the Junxion Box JB110b and the Kyocera KR1.  But I've been using the Junxion box for nearly a year but the Kyocera for only a couple of weeks.  I'll travel with the Kyocera this week and I'll have more to say about it later.

  • JB110b:
    • supports EVDO and other services like from AT&T/Cingular
    • ruggedized case (ideal for industrial or field operations)
    • can route/load balance from broadband Ethernet (DSL, Cable, etc.)
    • WI-FI features seem advanced
    • network mgmt features available
    • one thing I don't like is the power brick
    • 2 Ethernet ports (but only one for client if you are route/load balancing)
    • ~$599
  • KR1:
    • EVDO only (with support for select EVDO cellphones)
    • consumer looking router (I think is is actually OEM'd from D-Link
    • can not load balance or route
    • WI-FI features don't seem as robust
    • weight is less than the Junxion box
    • comes with a car power adapter and better designed power brick
    • 4 Ethernet client ports
    • ~$299

One of the more interesting thing for me is both units are using open source software as the operating system (OS) on the units and each has a pretty good web interface (not great but better than some).

On the topic of business continuity, I think the Junxion Box would be ideal for that.  It is an idea I am proposing internal at my work.
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Hi steven, I'm Kevin from IVSE Ltd in New Zealand, our company want to find some EVDO router for our production.Therefore we find your page by Google. Could you please sent a email to us to introduce a little bit what kind of EVDO router you have.

Kind regards



The new Kyocera KR2 is now shipping. The KR2 replaces the venerable KR1 and improves upon it by using a WiFi N radio and adding an expresscard slot.

Much more info in our full Kyocera KR2 Router Review at http://www.EVDOinfo.com/KR2

Steve Holden

Thanks for the pointer to the new KR2 ... it has some pretty impressive features. I really like the KR1 ... and will probably upgrade to the KR2.

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