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For the last 6 years or so, I have been very observant about my workplace ergonomics, especially related to typing, since as an IT professional my ability to type is a key requirement. 

I've invested both at home and at work in great keyboards, chairs, desk layouts, and Handeze gloves (which I highly recommend).   I also use a text short cut tool both on my Mac (Textpander - no longer free) and on my Windows (Short Keys - free version still available) systems. 

But apparently that has not been enough to ward of potential problems.

About three weeks ago I noticed a lump in my left hand, right at the base of my thumb but above my wrist.  A quick visit to the doctor came back with good news - Ganglion Cyst - which is not cancerous and unless there is pain, is probably something to just monitor.  I don't have any pain, so I'm going to just monitor it for the time being as suggested by my doctor.

Mean while, I have loaded up Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.0 on my TabletPC and using it a lot when I'm in my office or at home.  It seems to be working very well.  In fact, most of this blog post was done with me speaking vice typing.

I noticed that IBM's ViaVoice for the Macintosh is available but I can't seem to tell if it has any support since the last version posted is from 2005.  Comments?


Michael Sampson

Thanks for sharing this Steve. I've been thinking about Naturally Speaking too, although would prefer a Mac product. The reviews I've read on ViaVoice don't sound too positive. M.


I had that exact same cyst and it eventually went away, so don't worry! But I never connected it to the amount of time I am on the computer (a lot) and the doctor never mentioned that in particular.

As a writer, I am really tempted to use some sort of voice recognition software but don't know how well it translates into a Word doc and how much editing I'd have to do later. Dragon Naturally Speaking was the one I was looking at. The Handeze gloves look interesting but I wish there were more testimonials (or any!) specific to typing on the computer.

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