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Less Typing Strategy Underway

For the last 6 years or so, I have been very observant about my workplace ergonomics, especially related to typing, since as an IT professional my ability to type is a key requirement. 

I've invested both at home and at work in great keyboards, chairs, desk layouts, and Handeze gloves (which I highly recommend).   I also use a text short cut tool both on my Mac (Textpander - no longer free) and on my Windows (Short Keys - free version still available) systems. 

But apparently that has not been enough to ward of potential problems.

About three weeks ago I noticed a lump in my left hand, right at the base of my thumb but above my wrist.  A quick visit to the doctor came back with good news - Ganglion Cyst - which is not cancerous and unless there is pain, is probably something to just monitor.  I don't have any pain, so I'm going to just monitor it for the time being as suggested by my doctor.

Mean while, I have loaded up Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.0 on my TabletPC and using it a lot when I'm in my office or at home.  It seems to be working very well.  In fact, most of this blog post was done with me speaking vice typing.

I noticed that IBM's ViaVoice for the Macintosh is available but I can't seem to tell if it has any support since the last version posted is from 2005.  Comments?

ESPN Announcing System - Secret Podcast Tool?!?

ESPN PlayByPlay is a potentially interesting product geared for turning young kids into sports announcers.  It includes signature ESPN sounds, stadium chants, an 'on-air' light, 3 microphone jacks, one line in jack (for an MP3 player or other audio in), and speaker system.

No word if there is a mix out.  But there is an extra audio port that online resources fail to mention what its purpose is.  If it did do an audio mix out, then it could be a great podcast tool.

A ReviewMe Review - WIREFLY

I was recently contacted again by to do a paid review of a cell phone site for this blog.  The site is called WIREFLY and you can find out more information at:

I was at first skeptical that I'd have much to say about a site that frankly I'd never consider using before doing this review.  But I checked out the site and started using it from the perspective of a cell phone newbie.   My initial reaction was that they have some pretty nice features for doing comparisons between products.

But I still wasn't sure I'd do the review until I was trying to watch a little of the evening news last night on TV, and a commercial came on from a competitor  of WIREFLY showing off their site on TV.  That made it seem considerably more topical, so I accepted the assignment. (I'm sorry can't remember the competitor's name.)

The site has sponsors and I'm guessing these sponsors are the only ones listed in the search results.  The list of sponsors is pretty comprehensive and it includes the major carriers in the United States. It also has several pre-paid service providers that do business in the United States.

You can search for coverage via your zip code, and then compare coverage capabilities by carrier.  This rating system has been created by WIREFLY based on their calculations on how good coverage is and how many subscribers are in your coverage area.  WIREFLY also utilizes JD Power ratings to give you rankings based on Cost & Service Plan Options, and Customer Care feedback.

In addition, the site allows for searches based on a specific type of phone you are interested in, or in specific types of service plans (including family specific ones).

The best part of WIREFLY for me is the interface that lets me get comprehensive comparisons between one plan and another plan.  The second best part is the phone by phone comparisons.

I don't know if the pricing offered by WIREFLY is great, but I didn't see anything that would make it seem like one was getting a bad deal.  They do say on the top of the site that FedEx shipping is free, and they have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with Free Return Shipping (but other fees may apply).

Bottom-line, if you are looking for a new cellphone or plan, I'd recommend checking out WIREFLY at the very least for the analysis factor. 

Let me know if you agree or disagree by posting a comment to this post.