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Ad - My Personal Review of ReviewMe

I just signed up for a new blogging advertising and revenue service called ReviewMe.  This blog post is actually paid by ReviewMe to actually conduct a review of the ReviewMe service.

I was turned on to the service by my fellow Friend In Tech member Victor at the Typical Mac User Podcast.

The service in a nutshell is a way to link advertisers with a product or service to the blog and podcast world.  Since people's attentions are no longer completely focused on in the print, TV, and radio world, this seems like at the surface to be a good idea.

The big issue for me is will ads like this limit my readership?  My own filter will probably determine frequency and relevance, so I will be gauging what is reasonable and what is not.  If you have an opinion please let me know via email or by comment.

From what I have experienced so far, the ReviewMe service is easy to sign up with.  One thing they don't do that would be nice is something I talked about at the Podango Unconference at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo 2006.

The feature request is that when you are filling out a form related to your podcast or a blog that the service pull that information embedded in your RSS feed.  This way your name, contact email, license, description, etc. could auto-populate the form.  A service like this also needs a "Update my information via RSS refresh" button, but I think that should be pretty straight forward.

All in all I am pretty satisifed with the service, but we will know more 6 months out.


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