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Thoughts on MindManager

If you are using MindJet MindManager, there are a couple of blog posts related to the product I thought I'd highlight:

  1. Eric Mack is reporting some serious slow downs of his system related to MindManager.
  2. You can learn more about MindManager on the Mac via this podcast.

On topic #1 -- I have to honestly say, on my Toshiba M400, that I haven't seen the performance issues that Eric is speaking about while I'm using MindManager.  I do seem to have a performance issue with Outlook and IMAP but that has been a long going issue for me, and happens independent of the system I'm on and what programs I'm using.

I have MindManger open and functioning for me nearly 60% of my work day if not higher.  My M400 though is typically powered and in laptop mode (vs. tablet mode) when I'm at a desktop workplace location (which is about 70% of a normal day).

On topic #2 -- I am looking forward to listening to the MindManager on Mac podcast, since I'm using that tool a great deal for doing show notes for JerseyBoysPodcast.


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