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Quick Market Survey on MP3 Players

The San Diego Union-Tribune Sunday paper had a good number of non-Apple MP3 players for sale (cash prices listed).  Here is a sample of what I saw:

  • Big Lots! - RCA Lyra 256-MB MP3 Player for $29.99
  • Target - Memorex 512-MB MP3 Player for $58
  • Office Depot - Philips 1GB MP3 Player for $69.99 (with a $30 mail-in rebate offer); Archos 4GB Mp3 Player for $159.99 (with a $20 mail-in rebate offer)
  • Best Buy - Samsung 1GB U2JZ MP3 Player  for $79.99; Sandisk 2GB E250 MP3 Player for $129.99
  • CompuUSA - Sandisk 2GB E250 MP3 Player for $129.99
  • Circuit City - Sony 2GB Flash Digital Music Player for $129.99; Creative Labs 8-GB Zen MicroPhoto MP3 Player for $179.99; and Creative Labs 30GB Zen Vision:M for $299.99

It should be noted that the RCA Lyra also has a SD/MMC slot for expansion storage.  And the San Disk E250 has a Mini-SD slot for additional storage.

Also the only direct Apple iPods advertising that I saw was for the 30-GB Black or White iPod via BestBuy's online store (no price listed).



Any comments on which is the best MP3 to buy. I am in the market and want to know the positive and negatives of the units available.

Steve Holden

Of the ones listed above the e250 line seems to be getting in general some good press.

It really depends on what you plan to use your MP3 player for. If you really want to buy music from iTunes then you will need to consider an iPod.

If you are listening to a lot of podcasts, and you are Windows only then the e250 might be a good fit.

A lot of people use iPods for Podcast listening. I resisted for nearly two years using an iRiver until just last week when I picked up a 2nd generation Nano.



Many thanks for the info. I will be downloading off the internet for specialized music. If this is the case, any you would recommend.

Steve Holden

If you are downloading from iTunes and if 8-GBs of storage is good enough for you, then I'd look at the 8-GB 2nd Generation Nano. If you need more size then I think the 30-GB iPod is probably a good choice.

If you are using other sources that are doing WMA with digital rights management and you want 8-GB than the Sandisk Sansa e280 looks good. I'm not sure I have a firm recommendation on a larger 30- or 60-GB MP3 player but you might want to look at the new Zune or something from Creative Labs.

It also depends to some degree if you are using a Mac or Windows. And if you are going to listen to podcasts a lot or a little.

If it is just straight MP3 from the internet and you have a PC with then the SanDisk Sansa e2xx line is probably a good choice.



Many thanks Steve. I appreciate your time, trouble and good advice. I will look into what you are suggesting.
Have a great day and thank you once again.
Best wishes

Steve Holden

No problem. Glad to be of help.

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