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Podcasters Helping Podcasters

One of the main joys I am getting out of podcasting, is actually the relationships and friendships associated with other podcasters.  The relationships with listeners is great also but it isn't the same.  In many ways it is the same great feeling I got working with other Newton enthusiast with NewtNews.

A couple of weeks ago I was able to help fellow podcaster Denise Howell with her 'Leo Laporte Skype Capturing' implementation.  Others also helped including Paul @ The Point and Victor Cajiao.  It was a group effort with everyone work together to try to get things working.  It was also done all remotely which is very cool.

I do have to give a big kudo to Mackie for posting high resolution pictures of their audio gear on their website so that even though I didn't have a Mackie unit like Denise had, I could see what all the features and options that were available from every angle.


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