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MindManager - Task Status Tracking?



Yes, install the original drivers in XP SP2 compatibility mode. Manually locate the .inf file that is installed and then update your driver in Control Panel.

Robert Shamie

i tried installing the .inf file for the xp300 and I get an error. Is this working for you? if so, please email me the .inf file that is working under windows vista

Steve Holden

Robert ... I have not been able to get Trevor's suggestion to work for me. I have tried to contact him without any response back to me. I'm going to wait for official drivers at this time. Thanks for the comment! - Steve


It does work. Download the driver and save to a known location. Scroll down to SP2 version before installing. Disconect the scanner and reconnect and driver should install as new hardware. The scanner box still shows question marks but ignore these.
Good luck.

Steve Holden

Visioneer has posted native Vista drivers:

This situation should be solved now.


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