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Violent Femmes In San Diego

I went to the Violent Femmes concert after the races at the Del Mar Fairgrounds last night (Friday).  It was an awesome, high energy show.  The pure talent and passion of this band is very under rated IMHO.

But I'm getting too old ... the crowd was very young and being youthful (ie. anonying the old farts who first saw this band before many of them were out of diapers), and the level of the sound left a ringing hum in my right ear that hasn't gone away yet. 

Nice pictures on flickr - including this one.  It looks like their music is available on Rhino.



Those are some nice pics. When I saw them recently they had an extra guy on a drumset playing along from the back the whole time. What was that about? Annoyed me. Otherwise, great show. I was amazed by their energy level -- great stuff.

I was one of the fairly young people that annoyed you at this show... That is, if you were annoyed by dancing and fun having... :)

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