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Missing Pieces for MindJet's MindManager on Mac

I have been trying to do more and more with MindManager on the Macintosh the last couple of days because I wanted to migrate from OmniOutliner to MindManger for doing Jersey Boys Podcast pre-production and show notes on my iBook.

Some things that I really like on the Windows version of MindManager appear to be missing.  They include:

The integration of the Windows version with Office, especially with Outlook, is also something I use a great deal on Windows but that is pretty platform specific, and I can forgive that.

But the other ones are pretty important for future releases, especially the rich web content to other browsers and operating systems.

On a side note, as a Beta test of MindManager for the Macintosh I didn't see these missing features because I guess I didn't really do a great job as a Beta tester.  I'll need to make sure the next time I sign up to Beta test, I actually have a proposed plan in my mind for really using the tool other than installation and mild canned testing.


Brook Stein

Hi Steven,

Have you checked out the new MindManager AppleScripts?


Steve Holden

I had not seen the AppleScript examples. It does look like the OmniOutliner in/out to MindManager is a great way to try to do a specifc OPML tool. - Steve

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