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Dan Klass 'No Offense' Bitterest Pill Podcast

Dan Klass is apparently taking a break (ETA TBD) from The Bitterst Pill podcast to sort out some stuff associated with how transparent he can and can't be on his podcast.

I created a sample non-offensive version of what his podcast would be like if he did a podcast that didn't offend, torque, tweak, sour, etc. someone. 

It unfortunately also highlights the significant impact such an approach would have on those of us that enjoy his humor, satire, story telling ability, delivery, perspective, opinion, etc.

(Size 547.6-KB)


Dan Klass

That's exactly what I'm shooting for for episode #82! How did you KNOW, man?!

You still going to the O.C. meetngs? I need to get down there some time.

Best, always -

- dK

Steve Holden

Sorry to steal your thunder. It seemed like a good political statement. I do still go to the OC podcaster meetups every couple of months. Talk to you soon -- can't wait until the next podcast. - Steve

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