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Do I Need An iPod To Listen To Podcasts?

It is funny to me that this question and the answer to this is a Top Tip at Extreme Tech, but it is.

And of course the answer is - "NO" - you can listen to podcasts with any device that plays an MP3 including many car stereos via CDROM.

An interesting side note is that Mike @ The Mike Tech Show recently did a show on MP3 players that his listeners were using.  The diversity is pretty amazing. Here is the list via his blog:



But, can you suscribe to and listen to podcasts using the Cingular 8125?

Steve Holden

You have a couple of options for sure on the Cingular 8125. You can use something like (www.odeo.com/m) ... the mobile version of ODEO ... via EDGE or you can use a subscription model like Newsgator's Moible RSS tool currently in Beta. There are other native Windows Mobile 5.0 RSS readers that will behave like a podcatching client. You could also do this via ActiveSync with your Windows desktop system using Media Player and also via the minSDcard with Media Player on Windows. Lots of options ... Steve

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