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Two New Interfaces - One I Liked And One Made Me Feel Uncomfortable

I had to deal recently with two new interfaces in dealing with two familiar products.

The first one that I liked, was the new EasyCutter that is shipping on Costco food wrap rolls.  You just pull out the wrap and move the slider over and your wrap is cut.  No more worrying about cutting yourself when you want to wrap some leftovers or a desert.

The one that I didn't like was at National Car Rental (but I might learn to like it) during my recent trip to Washington DC.  After finishing the paperwork and getting registered for my rental car, the customer service Representative said something like "Go out into the mid-size area and pick the car you want."

I was like "What?" and I said, "I don't understand."  I'm use to getting assigned a car, not to pick one out.  He told me again, "Just go out in the mid-size area, and find a car you like and then you can go."

So ... as uncomfortable as it was, I went out and sized up the selection, decided on the PT Cruiser and was off. 

Changing interfaces always has a challenge - even ones that are suppose to be beneficial.  I need to remember that for future systems that I'm supporting and designing.


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