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Do I Need An iPod To Listen To Podcasts?

It is funny to me that this question and the answer to this is a Top Tip at Extreme Tech, but it is.

And of course the answer is - "NO" - you can listen to podcasts with any device that plays an MP3 including many car stereos via CDROM.

An interesting side note is that Mike @ The Mike Tech Show recently did a show on MP3 players that his listeners were using.  The diversity is pretty amazing. Here is the list via his blog:

Customized Armored Vehicles

Very interesting article by Anne Cearly in the Union-Tribune on Sunday, June 25, 2006 entitled "Vehicles armored all over: Insecurities, rash of kidnappings turn Tijuana business into a growth industry."

I liked the last two paragraphs:

Guerrero considers his workers artisans. So much of what makes a car so secure, he said, is the touch of the delicate human hand.

“Armoring a car requires craftsmanship,” he said. “This is not a job in which a machine puts everything in place. It's a very artistic and laborious process.”

Tip - When Cingular 8125 runs out of battery ...

My Cingular 8125 got dropped into my clothes bag yesterday afternoon while we were camping at Santee Lakes, and then I fogot about it. 

And when I got home later on Saturday, it was completely drained.  I tried to plug it in to re-charge via the external USB power cord but it wouldn't come up.  It did however, take a charge from a USB cable to my Toshiba M400 TabletPC, so it is back to life now. 

But it was kinda weird the power cord didn't work immediately (it works now that the battery has some juice).

WiFi MP3 Player - Can It Also Do Podcasts?

Edward C. Baig had a review in for 15Jun05 of the new MusicGremlin Gremlin MG-100 that allows subscribers to download audio from via WI-FI connections vice a tethered connection to a personal computer:

The unit has 8-GB of storage, 2-inch color LCD, has an FM receiver, and lists for $299. Song downloads are $0.99 or you can get an unlimited download plan for $15.  Music is protected via digital rights management (DRM), and will work with online sites like URGE and RHAPSODY, but not APPLE ITUNES. 

He rated it a 2.5 out of 4. With the major downside being a weak graphical user interface (GUI) and navigation.

No mention of podcasts in the article ... it would make the Gremlin more compelling to me if were podcast-savvy.

Engadget also has a review.

QuadPolar #002 - Hacking, Vinyl, Artwork, & Food

QuadPolar #002 ... links for you and me:

  1. Crosley Radio Specials: radio and turntables with support for CDs and tapes. {Crosley@Amazon}
  2. Military artwork by Charles Waterhouse
  3. Hack-A-Day notes that Metasploit is now running on the Linksys WRTSL54GS.
  4. 'Tech' Food Conference (25Jun06 via Wired)


  1. I'm looking to move some vinyl to digital format, and I'd also like to listen to some vinyl directly from time to time, especially Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons plus I still have a pretty good size catalog of 80's music on vinyl and tape.
  2. This is interesting for a yet-to-be-announced new project.
  3. Just plain technically cool.
  4. Food and technology are independently interesting to me, together they seem even more interesting.

Cingular 8125 - Gets Microsoft Direct Push Technology & Part of Pixie Hunt

From the Google Alerts I have learned that "Cingular plans to offer Microsoft Direct Push Technology for the Cingular customers" including those with 8125s like I have.  I'll have to look into that. [, yahoo, ]

It also appears that the Cingular 8125 is one of the key tools being used in Pixie Hunt. [gisuser-blog,]

Eric Rice - On Branding

Eric Rice had a very interesting closing session at Podcast Academy III hosted by Yahoo! (awesome hosts).  My personal take-away summary was:

One thing that people do with media is "watch, see, and hear" your "brand."  And your brand (blog, personal appearance, audio & video podcasts, etc.) brings "something of value" to your audience whether is an audience of one or of thousands.  Everyone should be spending time making their brand as effective as they want.

BTW ... I was there during lunch when Eric admitted he missed having a corporate job.  I nearly fell over laughing, but he did say it, and CC Chapman can confirm the blog post on