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Digital Picture Frames vs. PSP

I've always wanted digital photo/picture frames to become more mainstream.  It seemed so logical to me.

It looks like prices are really dropping and they aren't requiring those silly subscription service models. Here is a summary of some ads I saw in the Sunday paper:

  • Linens-N-Things: $99.99 with a 5.6" LCD screen, works with digital media cards (#NV-560, LNT.COM, #18976001)
  • Best Buy: Westinghouse 8" LCD Screen for $229.99
  • Ritz Camera: PhotoShare 7" LCD; supports Mac&PC downloads or memory card for $99.99
  • Ritz Camera: 7" Digital Photo Frame with MP3 player (built-in speakers, earphone jack, video output, plus remote control) for $199.99.  Also supports media cards like: SD, MMC, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Microdrive, and CF Memory
  • 8" Memoryvue Digital Photo Frame for $199.99 (after rebates).  Supports CF, SD, MMC, and Memory Stick cards.  Also plays MP3s.

An alternative should be noted that if you are going to spend ~$200, you might want to pick up a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). They are now selling for $199.99.  It seems to be the biggest bang for $200 out there.


Amit Gupta

Hey Steve,

If you end up getting one and are interested in writing up a review, drop me a line!


Rebecca Perry

Hi Steve,

My name is Rebecca. I am with We are an online specialty store for Digital Picture Frames. Offering many different models, sizes, colors, and affordable prices, is a great site for those interested in purchasing digital photo frames. Take a look and let me know what you think. If you find any frames you like, and are fond of the site, spread the word!



Elle Dee

Hi Steve,

Looks like you've done a lot of research on digital frames. We got one for my parents last year for Christmas and they love it. There's another frame out there right now that allows wireless uploading which is pretty darn cool. It's by CEIVA. If you want to see it in action with Santa, here's a link

~Elle Dee

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