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IRC Client for Mac OS X

My Mac OS X instant messaging (IM) client is Adium ... it is a pretty good replacement of Trillian on Windows.  But I just learned it does not do IRC.

So I turned to my Friends In Tech and found the following recommendations:

I am trying out the Colloquy one right now.  It seems to be just the right thing for me.

Also Kreg pointed me to this great resource:

Engadget Podcast Gets Mainstream Advertiser

I noticed that a recent edition of Engadget Podcast was sponsored by a "car oil" company.   Bad for me for not remembering the name, but defintiely a more mainstream advertiser than the tech specific one I'd expect.

I guess the ads are probably being sold through the AOL Network so it might not be a targetted thing at all.

UPDATE (4/1/06): Ryan Block made a comment on the site to this post that their sponsor is Castrol.  And that they have had other major sponsors like Best Buy and Nikon.  I should have mentioned (sorry my mistake) the other two sponsors because it is true, and it also might have made it seem like this was Engadget's first big deal.  It is not.  They have definitely been a leader in drawing in podcast sponsorship.

"Johnny Ether's Great Escape" By Changelings - Make Me Into A Movie?

I was catching up on some podcast listening today on my run, and as I was rounding the bend to come up the "hill" before the finish and my friend Dave Slusher with his Evil Genius Chroniles podcast for 03-04-06 came on.

His first song was a jem - Changelings' Johnny Ether's Great Escape.  It made the end of the run very easy.

And as I was listening I was envisioning this great "movie" segment that this song could be the foundation for.  I was thinking a kinda Sam Fisher - Splinter Cell meets Jack Bauer of 24.  And then when the song was done, Dave did the same thing in his own way.

Very cool ...

"Podcast" Ready Car Stereos

While not officially labeled as such in the recent magazine, I think the following car stereos offer some good podcast listening options:

  • JVC KD-G420 has a AUX line-in on the front and can also play MP3s from a CD
  • JVC KD-G720 has a USB port on the front, so any USB memory stick with MP3s can be used
  • Sony's XPLOD MEX-1GP has 1-MB of storage in the removable face plate that you can sync up to your PC with Excellent Podcasts

Some how and I can't remember now how, I got subscribed to the podcast.  There are only four of them that I know about but they are fabulous.   I have links directly to the MP3 below:

These are great examples of how an artist can share not only their music but the history of how it was all put together.

Breakfast with Bruce Sterling

One of the treats of eTech was on Wednesday morning where I sat at a table with two other TabletPC users and we were busy discussing the ins and outs of TabletPC when Bruce Sterling decided to join us.

We continued to talk a lot about TabletPCs, word processors (many of them still lack the features need to help authors), the state of "Google" authorship within the publishing world, and South By Southwest.