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Manbags - Day-to-day Bags via's email list via Google (which discusses amoung other thing Getting) had a very interesting thread about "Manbags" (aka day-to-day bags for 'men').  I personlly use a fanny pack most of the time or an older Eagle Creek Travel Pack; and my day-to-day dual-laptop backpack is from Tom Bihn.

Here is are some of the links mentioned in the thread:


Bag Nutter @

I've never quite understood the appeal of a "manbag", and on the few occasions I've needed something like this, a standard black carry bag has sufficed or, for more casual events, a backpack worked fine.

Shoes Luvr

I don't think man bags are very complementary to a guy even though I can see how practical they might be. I've seen them more in Europe than in the US which may make a statement about how much more comfortable European men are with their masculinity than American men. - My 2 Cents - Terry

Steve Holden

Terry ... Thanks for the comment, I agree ... I still on have my Eagle Creek Travel Bag. It is good for short trips when I need my podcast interview gear but don't want to carry a Tom Bihn Messenger Bag. -- Steve

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