DIY Recording Room For Podcasting (Quicktime)
Linkfest 060115 (Stardust, Design Science, GarageBand, San Diego Blog, OpenOffice)

Linkfest 060112 (Tips, Tools, Conference, CES, Threats, Updates)

New version of VNC has some pretty good feature sets for remote desktop control across a host of operating systems.

Chuck @ recommend the following tool for anyone wanting to quickly access a SQL or other database system - dbVisualizer.

BoingBoing - Does the new version of iTunes include Apple spyware capabilities?

Consolidated distribution of Microsoft Word Tips! 2005 via CDROM or direct download.

Chirs Pirillo's Gnomedex 6.0 has been announced.

Engadget's Best of CES 2006.  Finally a possible iPod killer?

Some good tips on keeping MindMaps simple.

I like Brain Bailey's post on "Geek Love".

Find a security flaw in a Symantec product you can contact them via their Security site or this email address: [email protected].

An update  from Microsoft: IntelliType Pro 5.5 Keyboard Software for Windows.

A feature list of the OQO true handheld computer, now with support for Tablet PC OS.

Joedelta finds the latest in voice recognition for your computer to be "pretty cool."


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