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"DARPA Grand Challenge Vehicles on Display at Pentagon"

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I thought the following tidbits were interesting:

Unusual Technical Images of WWII Equipment: "...featuring technical cutaway drawings of submarines, ships, aircraft and arms PLUS contemporary photos of and on mostly 'S' Class Royal Naval Submarines." (Via digg.)

TimeData CDP Adds Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Support: "TimeSpring is the first continuous data protection software maker to offer full SQL Server 2005 support."(Via eWEEK Technology News.)

Review: M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 Pocket Digital Recorder: Barely larger than a first-gen iPod, this portable recorder lets you capture sound in 24-bit WAV format or compact MP3. But is the low price too good to be true? Accomplished recording engineer Mark Nelson MicroTracks a Hawaiian guitar festival to find out. (Via O'Reilly Network Articles.)

Signaling Vulnerabilities in Wiretapping Systems: "Signaling Vulnerabilities in Wiretapping Systems.    The technology used for decades by law enforcement agents to wiretap telephones has a security flaw that allows the person being wiretapped to stop the recorder remotely [bugmenot].    It is also possible to falsify the numbers dialed [pdf]."(Via MetaFilter.)

Cable By the Channel Favored: "Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin J. Martin yesterday said allowing consumers to buy cable channels individually, rather than in packages, might not be more expensive and would help protect children from indecent and violent programs. (Via - Technology - Industry News, Policy, and Reviews.)

Mapquest FindMe: "local mobile search plus Dodgeball-like GPS features" (Via Links.)

United Arab Emirates blocks Flickr, again: "apparently for good, this time  " (Via Links.)

Evan Williams' Ten Rules for Web Startups: "from a man who knows" (Via Links.)

Richard Scarry's The Best Word Book Ever, 1963 and 1991: "Alan compares all the subtle differences between the two versions" (Via Links.)

18. iTunes Originals - Jars of Clay - Jars of Clay (Via iTunes Top 25 Albums.)