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End Of The Year Link Fest

Some miscellaneous links:

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Predictions (wit some self-reflection):

Some "other" Microsoft stuff to look into early next year:

More New Media Thoughts

It seems to me that when it rains it pours with some ideas ... my Thursday new media thoughts caused a couple of other things to jump out at me as I was doing some reading ...

Here they are:

Also, if anyone is interested in a research idea - maybe for a Senior Project, MBA or a Master's Thesis - Forbes for Jan. 9, 2006 lists the following companies as the 10 best managed "media companies" in America via their 5-year annualized total return percentages (listed highest to lowest): Banta, McGraw-Hill, RR Donnelley & Sons, Harte-Hanks, Meredith, EW Scripts, Omnicon Group, News Corp, WPP Group, and Univision Commun. 

How are these organizations posed and moving forward in the new media space? Is there anything similar or is each just excelling very well in their own lanes?

Mobile Video Casting System

From Homeland Defense Journal, Nov. 2006, page 8:

The Frontline Communicator is a completely wireless end-to-end solution. The system consists of a headset camera and a miniaturized transmitter. The video images captured by the camera, and the voice of its wearer, are transmitted in real-time to another party's computer. This user-friendly software interface ensures a dynamic and interactive communication. Its highly effective algorithms make audio and video communication possible even when bandwidth is limited.

The Frontline Communicator is compatible with numerous modes of wireless communication including Wi-fi (802.11b), high-speed cellular (30 kbps) and Bluetooth.

Some New Media Thoughts

Forbes for Jan. 9, 2006 had an article entitled "Consumer Spy: Do you have quirky tastes in mail-order shopping? Chances are Abacus knows all about you" by Helen Coster.  While it shouldn't be too much of new news that companies like Abacus are out there collecting, meshing, and correlating consumer data, what was interesting at least to me was the "hook" for doing it.

In summary (from the first two paragraphs):

  • Patagonia has a new surf-catalog they want to send out.
  • They want to send out 400,000 catalogs @ a cost of $1 per recipient.
  • They want it the catalogs to go to "water lovers."
  • They go to Abacus to get the mailing list.
  • Abacus sells them the 400, 000 names & addresses for $70 per 1,000 names.

So ... focused "messages" to a known demographic is at least in this case worth $70 per 1000 which I think is very similar to the podcasting marketplace that have very focused podcasting topics.

I'm pretty sure the demographics of  = Information Technology (IT) professional.  The demographics of JerseyBoysPodcast =

Of course CPM models might not be at all appropriate to podcasts, but this is better ($70) then tradition radio CPM models (under $10) that are being proposed by current "legacy" marketing firms.

Friends In Tech - "A Geek Christmas Carol" Released

As a follow on to "The Server Room of Horrors" produced by Friends in Tech for Halloween, we are proud to present to you, "A Geek Christmas Carol."  The familiar Christmas tale but with a geeky, tech twist.

This production was a lot of fun to put together which included all FiT members along with family members and some special podcasting guests.

Feel free to check it out at  or
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From all Friends in Tech members, we wish you all a happy and safe holidays.

Podcast Directory Woes - Ray Booysen with

Ray Booysen who manages several nodes (hacking, games, and technology) in the (aka has been having a bunch of problems and not getting anywhere.  He posts his details of his woes at:

Ray makes some good points on how little support there is within the directory.  I was able to get Jersey Boys Broadway into iTunes, Yahoo,  Odeo, and Podcast Alley before I gave up on the insanely stupid multiple directory hell that podcasters are currently in.  I can't even seem to get into Podcast Pickle, and I still can't figure out what AOL is doing. 

Starting a new podcast can be a real challenge, and I think I sort of know what is going on.

Monday Early-Evening Mini-Link Fest

Some stuff caught my interest as I was moving through my Newsgator RSS subscriptions this afternoon: