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Lack of Use of Creative Commons in Podcast Networks?

I was looking around at some of the "major" podcast directory or networks to see what their Creative Common's license was and it was nearly impossible to find anything:

I seems kinda strange to have it hiding or not be made very obvious.  Even the two tech podcasts directories I'm involved with ( & are missing good links or references.

IT Conversations has a their badge and scheme published.  Kudos to Doug Kaye!

Siquid mantica non capit, domi relinquendum est.

This quote means "If it doesn't fit in your knapsack, leave it behind" and the source is Darcy @  They make backpacks,laptop bags, and other stuff.  This company seems to really get the Internet ... they have there own Forums for customer interactions. :-)

I am evaluating a customized suite of their products for an article on about solutions for carrying two laptops because of an email question from a reader.

In my case, I'm typically carrying just about everywhere my podcasting rig - Apple iBook, and my work TabletPC - Toshiba Tecra M4.  Plus about an equal amount in weight of "other stuff." 

I'll post some pictures soon.

Forbes Yahoo Arctile on Do It Yourself (DIY) Media Doesn't Mention Podcasts

The recent edition of Forbes for 28Nov05 came yesterday, and there was an very interesting article by Quentin Hardy called "Intertaining Yourself: Entertainment on the Internet flopped years ago. Yahoo says it has a better: Do It Yourself (DIY)."

The article has a lot of good "new media" thoughts that were echoed a great deal at the recent Portable Media Expo, but the one thing that I thought was very interesting was the term "podcast" was not used once in the article. 

The article mentions "users" creating "social media" like video and audio but the actual word podcast wasn't used.