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Podcast Numbers - Downloaded But Not Listened To?

Stats ... stats ... stats ... downloads equals (= ) listeners to an ad embedded in a podcast?

It keeps getting talked about a great deal ... "I had 1000 downloads of my last podcast, that means I had 1000 impressions.  Each 100 impressions is worth $100 dollars.  Advertisers ... please send me a check for $1000 (10 x 100) for each podcast."

I don't think that downloads per podcast can equal (=) impressions yet.  Because we don't even know if the person listened.  What is going to be the percentage of downloaded but not listened to?

For example, two Fridays ago ... I loaded about two previous weeks of podcasts that I wanted to listen to but hadn't on my iRiver. That equaled about 17 hours of listening.  I am still going through that list.

So, I haven't listened to anything new in almost two weeks.  I might just delete all but the most recent podcast for each podcaster feed just to catch up.  I have an over ambitious podcast subscription ... I am a podcast junkie.

How many people are in the same boat?!?  Too much good content and not enough time.  Bummer for me, but bigger bummer for advertisers thinking they are getting X but are really getting Y?!?

Hammer & Sickle Game

I am not much of a game player.  But I do love Cold War history.  There is a new game (PC only?) called Hammer & Sickle from Nival Interactive.

The small screen shots in the Maximum PC advertisement make it look like an abstracted (50 feet up) first person shooter where you are trapped behind enemy lines and you need to get out!

Something to check out in all that free time I got ... :-)

How Safe Is with Music?

Bradford Gibson brings up some interesting points about in his post "Podsafe Music Network: Anything but Safe".

Something to dig into when I get a free moment ... which might be sometime in 2016.

So far, every band I've played from Podshow has sent me email thanking me.  But I was drawn to the service because I inferred (probably without much warrant) some protection in that the music was "podsafe" and wouldn't bring me a horde of lawyers to my door.

Long-timer readers or those that know me, will probably have to laugh at the last sentence.  This from the guy playing recordings from his favorite records during the first 12 or so versions of Tech Rag Tear Outs. ;-)

Intranet Podcasting Bigger Near-Term Business Success?

From the first time I heard Michael Geoghegan from Reel Reviews Radio (Oct04?) you could tell he was a confident, intelligent, and knowledgeable film fanatic.  His Disney podcasts also show this off, as does his new book Podcast Solutions with Dan Klass at

But after the first face-to-face meetings in Dec04 and Jan05 as part of the Orange County Podcasters, Michael also embedded in my brian the thought "this guy has some serious business sense and savvy" beyond podcasting. 

He shows his hand a little recently via his personal blog -- "Look for PrivaCastâ„¢ a "secure Enterprise RSS system" [blog] to be an very interesting product.

If you can't wrap your hands around the idea - think Amway or MaryKay.

Business of Football: The Patriots

Forbes for 19Sep05 has an in-depth financial review of the National Football League (NFL) franchises and a "cover story" on the The Patriots owned by Robert Kraft.

There is some serious money to be made.  For instance the project revenues for this 'year' (hard to define the start and the stop of the business calendar from the article) for just The Patriots stadium operations:

  • $107 million on Media (TV and Radio) [I recommend that you don't think of podcasting a live NFL event unless you like to give your lawyer lots of money.]
  • $41 million on Premium Seating [80 posh suites generate $165K a year + 6000 club seats and 2 club rooms]
  • $40million on General Tickets ['for the little people?']
  • $38 million on Sponsorship & Merchandising [includes signage + naming rights]
  • $19 million on Stadium [concessions, parking, etc...]

NOTE: At the end of the article there is a funny story where Kraft was in Russia with Citigroup's Weill and News Corp's Murdoch, and he showed off his 2005 Super Bowl Ring to Russian President Putin who admired it (124 diamonds) and then put it in his pocket thinking it was a present for himself  The ring is now on display in the Kremlin Museum. ;-)

Where To Go For China Business?

Russell Flannery at Forbes for 19Sep05 has his top ten recommendations:

  1. Hangzhou: Capital of Zheijang providence; home of Internet firm Alibaba that Yahoo just invested 40% into the company; plus a textile powerhouse; Marco Polo favorite
  2. Wuxi: Industrial hub near Shanghai
  3. Shanghai: China's international business center; massive travel expo in 2006
  4. Dalian: Popular amoung Japanese investors
  5. Beijing: Hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics
  6. Suzhou: Mutlinational manufacturing mecca
  7. Ningbo: Big port rivals nearby Shanghai
  8. Nanjing: Military city finds new success
  9. Guangzhou: New airport boosts appeal
  10. Shenzhen: Booming Hong Kong border city

The ranking process looked at: market size, transportation infrastructure, success in attracting private investment, and "other factors."