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Business of Football: The Patriots

Forbes for 19Sep05 has an in-depth financial review of the National Football League (NFL) franchises and a "cover story" on the The Patriots owned by Robert Kraft.

There is some serious money to be made.  For instance the project revenues for this 'year' (hard to define the start and the stop of the business calendar from the article) for just The Patriots stadium operations:

  • $107 million on Media (TV and Radio) [I recommend that you don't think of podcasting a live NFL event unless you like to give your lawyer lots of money.]
  • $41 million on Premium Seating [80 posh suites generate $165K a year + 6000 club seats and 2 club rooms]
  • $40million on General Tickets ['for the little people?']
  • $38 million on Sponsorship & Merchandising [includes signage + naming rights]
  • $19 million on Stadium [concessions, parking, etc...]

NOTE: At the end of the article there is a funny story where Kraft was in Russia with Citigroup's Weill and News Corp's Murdoch, and he showed off his 2005 Super Bowl Ring to Russian President Putin who admired it (124 diamonds) and then put it in his pocket thinking it was a present for himself  The ring is now on display in the Kremlin Museum. ;-)


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